Introducing The Gourmet Trotter

The luxury hamper for outdoor summer events

The Gourmet Trotter is unlike anything else seen before connected to alfresco dining. For ease of use and for storage purposes it is made up of three detachable modules. Each has been creatively designed to accommodate selected and inclusive stylish and durable dining accessories for up to 4 persons. It also allows generous storage space for your gourmet produce. It is a mobile luxury picnic hamper designed and manufactured to the highest standards. It ingeniously utilises a golf trolley for suitable mobility to transport its elegantly furnished compartments.

  • Couple taking The Sherwood for a stroll showing stable and easy outdoor mobility.
  • All you need for stylish alfresco dining with generous storage space.
  • Attention to detail, right down to the salt and pepper mills.
  • Strong, secure, beautifully finished workmanship with exquisite stitching detail.
  • Branded trolley which may also be used for occasional golf.
  • Fine china bowls and plates made by Wilmax of England.
  • Modular system with compact folding trolley for convenient storage and handling.
  • Top module of The Hampton showing linen napkins and storage bowls
  • French cutlery, makes french cheese taste excellent on this detachable cheeseboard.
  • A meadow on a summer's evening is prepared for guests.
  • The modules can be used as neat table tops to steady glasses on bumpy ground.
  • Comfortable space for the wine, without the weight.

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The Concept

Having attended and observed a growing market in prestigious outdoor summer events, we have extensively researched picnic hamper options. For such a well-established and traditional pursuit weidentified a fundamental gap in today's market for such events. In opting to consume one's own food and wine to avoid queues, loaded prices, and a limited choice, consumers currently lack a product with realistic outdoor mobility, functionality and style. We creatively addressed the 'humping of the hamper' and believe the wicker case is impractical, cumbersome and restrictive. 'Whicker's World' has moved on and in a market that wallows in the Morris Minor we present the Range Rover of picnicking!

lifestyle image of people picnicking
The Sherwood - modules stacked
Modular and portable design

The Gourmet Trotter utilises the concept of a golf bag 'cylinder' as the hamper. Each Trotter consists of three individual modules, top, middle and bottom, numbered 1, 2 and 3 respectively, as indicated on the trademark exterior brass door badges.

The three modules are held together by a unique hidden magnet system and are designed to be transported as a 'tower unit' on a golf trolley. The straps from the golf trolley are inserted through the brass D rings and turned back on themselves and clip fastened and tightened. This enables the doors of the unit to be opened and contents accessed whilst still attached to the trolley if desired.

Once the trolley straps are released and any contents are secured by the interior fastenings, the modules can be separated with a simple twist or tilt movement.

Modules and golf trolley in car boot


The Gourmet Trotter is extremely versatile and adaptable. With the straps undone the modules can be separated and used as convenient individual tables on which to place full glasses to prevent spillages. Also the separate modules could be utilised by individual guests helping with a specific role such as drinks. There is a strong matching handle for ease of transporting the individual module when removed from the trolley. Their design facilitates the easy storage of the modules in the upright position in a standard car boot.

The Galloway - bottom module open and dressed

The Range

A choice of 3 unique styles


A fully kitted out luxury picnic hamper packed with all your essentials