You Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

Many of the people I come across at Retail Shows are passionate designers of unique merchandise. None more so than Sara Colacicco, the creator of the much loved Sara Tiara Head Pieces and clothing line.


The question I have is how do we stay true to our brand and design, but encompass this with ‘appeal to our target market’. If, for example our designs are so ‘off the wall’ we would appeal to only a tiny percentage of customers. The opposite will also apply- too safe a design is dull and uninspirational and will not encourage our customer to go wild with their husband’s credit card.  Both these attitudes do not a profitable business make!

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I believe I was lucky enough to meet and adore a lady who has found the balance.

I spent a week with Sara on a ‘girls tour’ to Ireland when we were hawking our wares at Punchestown Races.

We, as humans, are constantly changing and evolving as we encounter different influences in our lives. I think this is particularly true for women when we inevitably have life changing events such as childbirth.


Having watched Sara I realized how here designs have changed, maybe since her son was born?

What comes first?The Brand or Sara???  Does the old adage, ‘”you are what you eat” apply to design? Are you The Brand or is the Brand You?

The point I’m trying to make is how do we stay true to ourselves but appeal to our market in the process. I think Sara has morphed very successfully into her brand, grown up if you will, less self -indulgent perhaps.

Sara is a unique sensitive, free thinking designer who finds herself most comfortable amongst the colours and clarity of India. She is strongly influenced by external sources being badly affected by negativity and injustices, which could easily break her spirit, and on the other hand, fuelled by positive thinking, love and peace. She’s a self confessed Hippy!

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Book and Cover spring to mind, by ‘Chapter 20’ you’ll realize she’s a businesswoman through and through!

She has developed headpieces which allow affluent ladies of style to take a little risk, inspired by Sara’s blatant individuality perhaps. Several points appeal

  • They are unique; each one is designed by Sara. Ladies will never see their creation on another’s head. A massive selling point. We all know, “nothing is quite so awful as meeting your self coming back’, as my mother used to say.IMG_0752


  •  They use hand picked and recycled fabrics. Each hat has a story to tell and if you ask, Sara will lovingly tell you the origins of your design. Every one is personal with its own history IMG_0756
  • The price point is perfect, enough to make you feel special but also to allow you the guilty pleasure of occasionally buying two. Infact, one is often never enough.
  • They are quirky but conformist, and that, for me, is where Sara has conquered her market. Traditional tweed at equestrian events is de rigeur. But why not mix the tweed and boot with a little jaunty fun and feather, a little slice of attitude, almost a little piece of girl power,? Why??….because we can!IMG_0645

I can tell a Sara Tiara at 10 paces. How can we do this when each piece is unique? Style! Sara’s style.  A true designer with her own twist that depicts her brand. So we are back to where we started, the chicken and egg conundrum, which came first, Sara or her Brand?

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