Mystery & Intrigue Conquers All

A fast growing trend amongst those born in the ‘90s seems to be a new angle on the Iconic Hippy of the swinging 60’s.

This generation, in my mind, is constantly hurtling through life at break neck speed towards what? They have something unique, for certain, with the internet still only just out of puberty, but I really believe that each generation has its own elements of uniqueness and discovery, think Wheel, think Plane, think Television, Radio and Nuclear Power. All these discoveries have been amazing in their time and each generation thinks it has something better than their parents, who are frankly….”soooo last year” but I believe we all rotate and morph into previous generations with our own unique little twists. What goes around comes around.

We are experiencing a massive trend in post war revival, up cycling and vintage teas, finding something unique and useful in the most ordinary of items. Nostalgia seems even more important as the pace of life increases exponentially.

There seems also to be a desperate need to take the party scene back to the hedonistic 60’s with drugs and raves and casual sex, daring to do the unacceptable, what ever that may be?249158_510350662347806_1187728782_n

However, conscience and moral and social boundaries still exist to ruin ones free spirited antics, so how much better is all of this madness if you are incognito, semi invisible and therefore only vaguely accountable. Maybe this explains the current fashion of masked balls, a licence to be risqué.

Many festivals frequented by the youth of today are almost a right of


passage, an endurance test to be experienced in your late teens or early 20’s before one ‘settles down’ into conventional domesticity.

But my dear revellers, its all been done before, countless times in fact.

The mask has been around for centuries and possibly at its most fashionable during the Renaissance period of the 16th century when the aristocracy took full advantage of a scandalous night of anonymity, rife with decadence, gluttony and lust.

I have a wonderful image of the Parisian ladies with their powdered


wigs piled as high as their necklines were low, with a little heart shaped ‘beauty spot’ resting innocently on their heaving bosoms, flitting from one liaison dangereux to another all with the wonderful veil of a mask. It all seems so forbidden, sailing so close to the wind, teasing the forbidden fruit.

During the 18th century a certain modesty and respectability was brought to the masquerade balls of England, or was this just optimistic thinking by parents of young ladies fluttering behind their masks with their fans sending out ‘semaphore’ messages as plain as speech.


As the mask revival gains in popularity, what will be important for certain for this generation is style and elegance with a dash of decadence. Their mask has to be perceived as better than anything seen before, unique alluring and magical with a whisper of danger mixed irresistibly with passion and persuasion.

Well, my little party people, I know of a certain exquisitely talented artisan who can deliver on all counts. Her name is equally as evocative as her creations, oozing with Venetian vowels! Sara Colacicco will design and create a mask for you, beyond your imagination using the most exquisite lace and crystals, ribbons, feathers and adornments from a by gone age. Masks for today made lovingly with yesterday’s treasures………so when you’ve hit the Buy It Now button for your next festival tickets, head straight off to for the first name in beguiling style

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