Lunch, Ladies?

Ladies who shoot are fast increasing in numbers.  With such wonderful web sites as  you can find out all you will ever need to know from, ‘Doing it like a lady,’ (which involves  absolutely no swearing, gossiping or squealing!) to Field Fashion ( a thinly disguised wonderful excuse to shop) and the deciphering of the Field Lingo. Find out what a Sloegasm is!!

In short, this web site and many like it help you to avoid looking an absolute townie on your first driven shoot.  It is a sport I have never had the opportunity to pursue but hope to be able to do so in time, if only for the shopping at such wonderful stores as The Really Wild Clothing Company (

I have to be honest here…I have actually bought two pairs of socks and a pair of exquisite Spanish Riding boots just in case an invitation plops on the door mat. I’d only need breeks  and a shooting coat and I’d be sorted!

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