Supporting Breast Cancer Care

We are delighted to be supporting the Breast Cancer Care fashion show on Wednesday 3 October at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. This inspiring and glamorous event is an amazing occasion of fashion, fundraising, celebrities and the debut of stunning models hitting the professional catwalk, following their diagnosis of breast cancer

Working with professional teams on all aspects of the event from Hilary Alexander, Vidal Sassoon to Estée Lauder, The Show moves and inspires guests with its highly polished catwalk show. The glamour doesn’t stop there with designers who have generously supported the event before including Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Swarovski and Jenny Packham.


We have been invited as one of a group of select companies to offer one of our Trotters as a donation in the silent auction.  It is one of the events highlights, previous lots including jewelry to the value of £2000. Our Trotter has been paired with a polo lesson and a year’s membership to Guards Polo Club so it’s going to be a very popular lot. The Gourmet Trotter will be displayed on our auction table as well as images displayed on our handheld touch screen bidding tablets on each table on the night.

The committee ‘ love the hamper so much’ that we have also decided to take up the offer to present another one into a silent auction at The Carols by Candlelight Champagne Supper on 3rd December At Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in Knightsbridge.

We’re supporting the @BCCare fashion show on 3 October. You can support too, click the link for ticket info

To take a closer look at the Trotters please follow this link to our website.

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Picnic Envy!!

Its official! I’m a picnic snob. There are a few things in life which, if they are to be done at all, should be done properly. Picnicking is one of them.

The lucky few who have access to the quintessential picnic event such as polo or ‘The Races’ or indeed any ‘posh nosh’ event, have learnt how to do it in style. Sadly, however, there are limitations as to how splendid these feasts can be if you wish to move more than 3 metres from your car. Being at heart a bit of a scientist I have devised a new equation which my old physics master would have been proud of……Load x Distance = Effort. In all these picnics that require a degree of picnic envy, the Load is too great, the Distance is too far, making the Effort much too huge to even contemplate movement from the car park without at least a dozen able-bodied slaves!! Sadly, rather than solve the conundrum, a way round it has been developed, an Americanism called Tailgating, or to put it frankly having lunch in the car park with the back of your 4×4 for a view, instead of the beautiful country house that is so close, but Oh so far…

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This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

I’m not sure whether the above counts as a degree of cannibalism- it certainly isn’t supporting your fellow farmyard mates. But I think This Little Piggy had Roast Pork, would be much, much worse

Keeping on with the Pig Theme, (because I can) I was planning a short break in the New Forest recently and I spotted The Pig In The Forest Hotel in Brockenhurst. This is now certainly on my list of places to stay. It looks delightful, charming and informal but with the quiet understated luxury we all seek when we have a few precious days break from our busy schedules. It is a former hunting lodge decorated with country house chic, complete with squidgy sofas and open fires.

What caught my eye was the partnership it could have with our luxury picnic hampers, The Gourmet Trotters. Mutual ‘pig passion’ aside, they have beautiful gardens with a lake and gazebo. I can envisage a gentle wander down to the lake where my Trotter awaits, resplendent with culinary picnic delights conceived and created by Head Chef using fresh seasonal produce collected from his Walled Kitchen Garden.

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Oh No!! It’s These Little Piggies

That will be going to market….And they will give us sausages! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, like it or not, this is the destination of our little piggies or porkers as the chosen ones are known.  They are destined to the market to see the market fairy who waves her wand and miraculously turns them into bangers, chipolatas, or wieners.

The taste of the humble sausage, derived from any pig called Percy, Petunia or Patch can be greatly enhanced by skilled butchers seen often at County Shows flaunting their fair. Pork and apple or pork and cider nestle beside Cumberland and pork with leek. Each with their own merit they can all be enjoyed but perhaps, for me, the romance of The Wild Boar with Stilton conjures up a winter warmer.

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This Little Piggy Went To Market

Many people have commented on the name we chose for our company, The Gourmet Trotter. I, actually, am very proud of it as it was a bit of a ‘Eureka Moment’ and due to a nano second of inattention almost led to a car crash…. Well as usual, I’m exaggerating…. It was a very high pitched squeek actually, followed by an air-punching ‘Yes’!!!!! But I was driving…

I wanted something to do with fine dining- culinary delights and alfresco dining were in the mix, but too wordy. Gourmet arrived unbidden into my head which led to me remembering the TV programme of the 70’s, The Galloping Gourmet,a thoroughly witty and entertaining cooking programme, the name however had obviously been taken by the chef Graham Kerr.

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Wow! Look at THAT Bad Boy!

Sitting at Burghley Horse Trials this week on my ‘perch’ in my trade stand, one tends to become inconspicuous- certainly when the scenery in front of me is The Gourmet Trotter, spread out in it’s unashamed glory.It is then I catch the unreserved throwaway comments folk make as they see the Trotters for the first time, proving the old adage that ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.’  My trained ear has picked up some gems this week spattered between the now predictable Awesomes’ and ‘Amazings’.

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Lunch, Ladies?

Ladies who shoot are fast increasing in numbers.  With such wonderful web sites as  you can find out all you will ever need to know from, ‘Doing it like a lady,’ (which involves  absolutely no swearing, gossiping or squealing!) to Field Fashion ( a thinly disguised wonderful excuse to shop) and the deciphering of the Field Lingo. Find out what a Sloegasm is!!

In short, this web site and many like it help you to avoid looking an absolute townie on your first driven shoot.  It is a sport I have never had the opportunity to pursue but hope to be able to do so in time, if only for the shopping at such wonderful stores as The Really Wild Clothing Company (

I have to be honest here…I have actually bought two pairs of socks and a pair of exquisite Spanish Riding boots just in case an invitation plops on the door mat. I’d only need breeks  and a shooting coat and I’d be sorted!

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Introducing The Gourmet Trotter

The luxury hamper for outdoor summer events

The Gourmet Trotter is unlike anything else seen before connected to alfresco dining. For ease of use and for storage purposes it is made up of three detachable modules. Each has been creatively designed to accommodate selected and inclusive stylish and durable dining accessories for up to 4 persons. It also allows generous storage space for your gourmet produce. It is a mobile luxury picnic hamper designed and manufactured to the highest standards. It ingeniously utilises a golf trolley for suitable mobility to transport its elegantly furnished compartments.

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