Croquet On The Pier 2014 With Jaques of London

symbiosis 2We take so many things in this life for granted, hurtling as we are towards the next piece of indispensable software, we have no time to stand and stare, listen to birdsong or feel the breeze on our faces.

Anybody who knows me will appreciate I am the world’s biggest advocate for making time to take time. In my mind, taking time to spend with people who are important to you is what makes my world go round. If you have a list of things to do I recommend you cross off the bottom three, and in the fullness of time I challenge you to notice that  these chores have been left undone. The antonym or opposite word to chore is happiness and peace. I rest my case m’Lord!


I suggest that memories of special, often spontaneous times are more important than repetitive daily drudgery. Dull women have immaculate houses.

The legacy left by my grandparents and theirs before them is also important to me, to understand who they were, how they lived, what their fortunes and hardships were, the adversity they faced and survived all helps me feel a part of something which makes my life three dimensional. I would like to think sometime in the future my Gourmet Trotters with their innovative and unique design will be the trend setters in the future development of picnicking. Maybe my great grand children will wonder about the batty ancestor with the quirky ideas. Mobility is so important, who amongst us would now contemplate buying a suitcase without wheels.


One family that can make this claim about their entrepreneurial ancestors is the Jaques Family the oldest sports and games manufacturer in the world. Established in 1795, eight generations of Jaques have steered the company …founder Thomas Jaques was followed by John Jaques I, then John Jaques II; John Jaques III; John Jaques IV; John Jaques V and Christopher Jaques – up to the present day where cousins Emmett, Joe and Benjamin are still at the helm. Jaques is responsible for inventing and introducing some of our favourite games – including Croquet, Ping Pong; the Staunton Chess set, Ludo, Tiddley-Winks, Snakes & Ladders and Happy Families. Can you imagine a world without these quintessentially British Games. Thank heavens for Thomas Jaques!!

Personally, croquet is how I came to know about Jaques of London having had the most wonderfully lazy Pimms clad afternoon in a beautiful English Garden, many years ago. Since John Jaques III wrote and copyrighted the original rules for Croquet in 1858, Jaques has been the world’s No. 1 manufacturers of Croquet.71280-surrey-croquet-set-_n

A little know fact for you pub quizzers, Jaques of London first invented the game of Gossima in 1891 – which was a flop, mainly because no- one understood what it was! So in 1901, the name Ping Pong was patented by John Jaques III. The game became an overnight success and is now the most played sport in the world, and is the national sport of China. That is some legacy to be proud of!

symbiosis4The combination of a picnic and a game of croquet is an obvious alliance so how delighted are we to be asked to run a couple of competitions with this aspirational company. Head off to their web site for your chance to win a Gourmet Trotter, best hasten the competition ends at the end of July

If you have an eye for a croquet set watch out on our Facebook page for the competition coming very shortly.

Our competition will be working alongside two distinctly English family run and owned businesses whom are in partisanship for a spot of seaside merriment on the Suffolk Coast. The oldest games and sports manufacturer in the world meets Britain’s only 21st century pier, when Jaques of London arrives on Southwold Pier from 28-31st August, armed with croquet mallets and fake turf for a long weekend of outdoor games over the sea. Ladies and gentleman let the games begin…..with.. Jaques-on-the-pier 2014


Visitors will also discover giant skittles, tumble towers, noughts and crosses and traditional quoits along the 623ft of the pier,

The “T” shaped pier started life in 1900 as a landing jetty for steamers that used to run from London Bridge to Great Yarmouth, back in the days when we would travel by sea. In 1934 a storm badly damaged the pier and various sections were destroyed during the second world war. During the 50’s and 60’s the pier continued to weaken until finally in 1979 a storm reduced it’s length to a mere 60 feet!! Thanks to a private purchase, the pier was eventually rebuilt using the latest piling techniques and finally reopened in 2001. Its length allows it to accommodate occasional visits by Britain’s only surviving sea-going passenger steamer, the Waverley.


The weekend will consist of fun and games at every opportunity, all fuelled by lashings of fish and chips and ice cream ‘on-deck’. There is also the chance to take a piece of Jaques home, with some of the most popular Jaques of London games available to buy on the Pier. A wonderful weekend to be had by allIMG_1727

pig 7






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Mystery & Intrigue Conquers All

A fast growing trend amongst those born in the ‘90s seems to be a new angle on the Iconic Hippy of the swinging 60’s.

This generation, in my mind, is constantly hurtling through life at break neck speed towards what? They have something unique, for certain, with the internet still only just out of puberty, but I really believe that each generation has its own elements of uniqueness and discovery, think Wheel, think Plane, think Television, Radio and Nuclear Power. All these discoveries have been amazing in their time and each generation thinks it has something better than their parents, who are frankly….”soooo last year” but I believe we all rotate and morph into previous generations with our own unique little twists. What goes around comes around.

We are experiencing a massive trend in post war revival, up cycling and vintage teas, finding something unique and useful in the most ordinary of items. Nostalgia seems even more important as the pace of life increases exponentially.

There seems also to be a desperate need to take the party scene back to the hedonistic 60’s with drugs and raves and casual sex, daring to do the unacceptable, what ever that may be?249158_510350662347806_1187728782_n

However, conscience and moral and social boundaries still exist to ruin ones free spirited antics, so how much better is all of this madness if you are incognito, semi invisible and therefore only vaguely accountable. Maybe this explains the current fashion of masked balls, a licence to be risqué.

Many festivals frequented by the youth of today are almost a right of


passage, an endurance test to be experienced in your late teens or early 20’s before one ‘settles down’ into conventional domesticity.

But my dear revellers, its all been done before, countless times in fact.

The mask has been around for centuries and possibly at its most fashionable during the Renaissance period of the 16th century when the aristocracy took full advantage of a scandalous night of anonymity, rife with decadence, gluttony and lust.

I have a wonderful image of the Parisian ladies with their powdered


wigs piled as high as their necklines were low, with a little heart shaped ‘beauty spot’ resting innocently on their heaving bosoms, flitting from one liaison dangereux to another all with the wonderful veil of a mask. It all seems so forbidden, sailing so close to the wind, teasing the forbidden fruit.

During the 18th century a certain modesty and respectability was brought to the masquerade balls of England, or was this just optimistic thinking by parents of young ladies fluttering behind their masks with their fans sending out ‘semaphore’ messages as plain as speech.


As the mask revival gains in popularity, what will be important for certain for this generation is style and elegance with a dash of decadence. Their mask has to be perceived as better than anything seen before, unique alluring and magical with a whisper of danger mixed irresistibly with passion and persuasion.

Well, my little party people, I know of a certain exquisitely talented artisan who can deliver on all counts. Her name is equally as evocative as her creations, oozing with Venetian vowels! Sara Colacicco will design and create a mask for you, beyond your imagination using the most exquisite lace and crystals, ribbons, feathers and adornments from a by gone age. Masks for today made lovingly with yesterday’s treasures………so when you’ve hit the Buy It Now button for your next festival tickets, head straight off to for the first name in beguiling style

Mail Attachment SaraTiara_Masks_1

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Flash Sale, Happy Christmas to You, One & All…….

xmas pigAs it is the Season of Goodwill I have decided to offer 25, yes…. Twenty Five,  That’s… TWENTY FIVE Trotters at a Flash Price of £300 including trolley and delivery within the UK mainland. 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Once they are gone they are gone, so may I respectfully suggest you pick up the phone and call 01372 940100 before they Trot Off and end up under someone else’s tree.


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Someone is going to win The Christmas Present of a Hampton Gourmet Trotter. Worth an amazing £399!!!!  Owned by Royalty, retailing in, among others, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Glyndebourne Shop,  featured on Dragons Den this has to be The must have accessory for the picnic enthusiast.

The competition is easy and only requires that you are wittier and more original than your friends. No pressure!!!! The picture below is from a lovely day at York Races with a couple heading off for a fabulously elegant feast. It offers itself up for a clever caption. All you have to do is like my Facebook page and share the photo and YOUR caption onto your own face book page. I’ve written one to start you off…..DSC_0195

Hubbie:- Shame this isn’t The Gourmet Galloper, could have entered it in the 3.10

The competition will run for four weeks and will finish at 8pm on Sunday 3rd November. The winner will receive the Trotter within 4 working days, delivery free of charge. So plenty of time before Christmas for him or her to decide whether they should keep the Trotter for themselves or pass it on to a loved one.

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St. Gourmet and the Dragons

george and dragon 1


Having designed and brought to market a product as innovative and unique as The Gourmet Trotter, I have become disproportionately attached to it, it has become a living breathing blood-sucking object. The blood, sweat and tears it has caused me, and the emotional highs and lows of a roller coaster are exhausting so why then would I subject me, myself and I to the scrutiny of 5 humans collectively masquerading as The Dragons.

I have to say, it was the most amazing personal experience and as we are so often told, Life is about the Journey, not the Destination.  If personal growth was something I was seeking, I found it.


It started with a little drive to Manchester, which as we southerners know, is absolutely miles north of Watford. So I was entering unconquered pistes from the start.

Accommodation in a traditional bland hotel had been arranged and all I had to do was be up and ready at 7am the next morning. Like a little lamb to the slaughter she came… or was I a sacrificial virgin (probably not) actually, probably more like a tired old heifer off to the knacker’s yard. But, show up I did, all suited and booted, only to find out my shorts had a small check and when in front of the camera they took up a life of their own and started strobing… swift change required to plain black skirt then back to the walk-ons.

I don’t want to divulge too much about what really happens and how a programme such as this is put together.  Illusions are so frequently shattered, and if readers like believing in Father Christmas, they should be allowed to keep their dreams intact. sleeping bear

All I will say is that I had 9 hours of playing Dominoes, Ludo and ‘pick-up-stix’ the level of brain-power by now having been seriously depleted due to cold blooded fear. The wait was accompanied by a slow insidious drip of gastric acid drilling an ulcer in my stomach.

I find the power and strength of the mind really quite humbling. The fear was totally disproportionate to the potential event. They are 5 people, sitting in chairs waiting to hear about your business. Imagine them naked is advice often and dragon 2

Once in front of the fire breathers it was, for me, fairly straight forward. They liked the product, and the innovation but thought that my market was very niche and thus no return for them. They were nicer to me than I’d imagined and I actually took away some really constructive advice. Or I would have if I hadn’t been so damned scared I couldn’t even remember my name or what they had been wearing when I left. I honestly could not tell you a single colour of shirt dress or tie! Indeed, was there a shirt, dress or tie???  Were they actually naked and I just hadn’t noticed?

It is not an experience I would hurriedly put myself through again. Rather like walking on hot coals and surviving I imagine. I’ve done it, no need to repeat.

All that needed to be learned was learnt it those 40-50 minutes. The editors now have the show to create. I expect I will get a fair amount of grief from my plummy accent, and will be redefined from the Clare I love and adore into a very different person.  But that’s OK I put myself out there and the real people in my life know me for who I am.

cute pigI’m really proud of myself for having the courage to go on Dragons Den and the belief in the Trotters.

The people I feel most comfortable with, my tribe if you wish, are people with belief in themselves and tenacity and determination to see plans and dreams through. No millionaires for me, I am far too simple for that.

012 (2)

The highlight of the whole experience was arriving home to my stupid stupid dogs who love me unconditionally and unreservedly and receiving a thorough telling off from them for having been away.

023 (2)The next day as the adrenalin ebbed, found me walking in the rain with my hat pulled down over my eyes, my wellies squelching in the mud and the hounds hanging from trees and lugging great sticks. I had survived unscathed. All is well, a roaring fire, a proper mug of tea and toast dripping with butter were my just desserts and felt like heaven.


teacup pig 2

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Henley Regatta

It’s lovely where I am this week in my little tent at Henley Rowing Regatta

IMG_0790 – all the university clubs and rowing clubs through out the world compete in 8’s or 4’s and doubles. I have a stand in the shopping village at Remenham Farm, the midway point of the races with Temple Island being the start and finishing through Stewards down by Henley Bridge. All the action can be enjoyed from my ‘office’ which is a stones throw from the river Thames.IMG_1820

All the pretty people taking a stroll along the tow path, young guys careering along on bicycles equipped with bells and whistles to alert strollers they are coming through in hot pursuit of their team heroes.  IMG_1727A herd of young men in bright rowing club blazers and a posey of ladies in pretty floral dresses litter the banks with their Pimms and Picnics. IMG_1800The chosen few retire to the relative sanity of the cooperate enclosures to sip fine wines with a delightful feast.  By 2pm the banks are bulging with revelers making it almost impossible to stroll the length of the course- picnic stakes are by now well and truly claimed, the quintessential summer Henley picture is in placeIMG_1808IMG_1741



Well that’s how it starts- but by 6pm everything is a little messy!!! Blazers are splashed with red wine, women are carrying their shoes, some tears and drama thrown in and off they all go to one of the pop up clubs on the river to dance away till midnight to the thomp thomp thomp that lulled me to sleep last night :)))) I managed to incorporate the ‘sounds’ into a dream…12 midnight sees the end of the partying and is quite busy, people trying to find their way homes!!!! Loudly complaining to their partners about the wisdom of parking so bloody far away…..It’s a great English tradition though and I’m lucky my Trotters take me to such lovely places- not bad for a hard day at the office.

IMG_1859Visitors to the Regatta need the Trotters as we know how a heavy hamper can certainly take the edge off the fun of a picnic along the banks of the river. There was actually one being used yesterday which had been bought last year- and certainly created a serious degree of picnic envy –IMG_1845

coming up with the idea of the Trotters and getting my idea to market has been an amazing part of my life journey, i wouldn’t  change it for the world- my ambition is to be the brand that is synonymous with picnics and all alfresco dining-

Only time will tell…..

picnic pig

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The Spring Is Sprung

The Spring Is Sprung

When I was at school we had to learn a poem a month for English and recite it to the class…..Yes I am old. We had to write it out in italics too, neatly….My italic nib and I were constantly at odds with each other and even today I can remember with mortification, the smudges from the Indian Blue-Black Permanent Ink by Quink.Parker_Quink_Permanent_Blue

I can recall one of the poems still, called Spring, by Gerard Manley- Hopkins, which also incidentally, means I am not totally senile yet.Nothing-is-so-beautiful-as-spring

But my favorite Spring Ode has got to be one my grandfather used to recite whilst walking along the country lanes lopping the tops off cow parsley with his stick, in a Chaplinesque type manner

The Spring Is Sprung, The Grass is Riz, I wonder where the Birdies is…images (1)

Well up until very recently I have been wondering, like many of you picnic seasonnaires,  where The SUNSHINE IS!!

I couldn’t possibly comment on all this global warming stuff , I’ll leave that to the professionals. I am a little cynical about it all, I think they lost me that year when the trains were delayed because of the unexpected leaves on the track,  or that summer when the hose pipe ban couldn’t be lifted because it was The Wrong Sort Of Rain

images (2)…… I think we had the Wrong Sort Of Snow, one year, too. Certainly a minister for snow was installed in Parliament. The records for this and that, too cold, too wet, are constantly being broken, If the weather was in the Olympics it would win a Gold medal in at least 5 different disciplines.

All I know is my finger has been hovering over the central heating button with alarming regularity, hesitant to press because of the cost but reluctant to pile on another jumper.

At last, at long last, after the coldest spring in 50 years ( I read that somewhere!!) I am sitting in the garden writing a blog in T shirt and shorts with the dogs basking on My IMG_0959cushion beside me

A few days ago, I discovered how utterly confused this season has been when on a walk with the dogs. A familiaplace in West End in Esher which, although I have visited many times before, I don’t think  has ever looked sbeautiful.  Well known for its Bluebell glades and rhododendron bushes I have never seen both at their best, in full bloom, together.

What better excuse than to take a picnic down there yesterday and watch the Spring Sprunging its heart out.. I could almost hear the flowers grow. I could certainly smell the wild garlic., with its pungent aroma reminding me of a Sunday roast

of lamb.


It was bliss to sit amongst the blue bells and wild flowers

The old adage from Carl Sandberg, came to mind…Time is the coin of your life, be careful lest you let others spend it for you. I will certainly be spending all my savings myself.



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You Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

Many of the people I come across at Retail Shows are passionate designers of unique merchandise. None more so than Sara Colacicco, the creator of the much loved Sara Tiara Head Pieces and clothing line.


The question I have is how do we stay true to our brand and design, but encompass this with ‘appeal to our target market’. If, for example our designs are so ‘off the wall’ we would appeal to only a tiny percentage of customers. The opposite will also apply- too safe a design is dull and uninspirational and will not encourage our customer to go wild with their husband’s credit card.  Both these attitudes do not a profitable business make!

IMG_0675 2



I believe I was lucky enough to meet and adore a lady who has found the balance.

I spent a week with Sara on a ‘girls tour’ to Ireland when we were hawking our wares at Punchestown Races.

We, as humans, are constantly changing and evolving as we encounter different influences in our lives. I think this is particularly true for women when we inevitably have life changing events such as childbirth.


Having watched Sara I realized how here designs have changed, maybe since her son was born?

What comes first?The Brand or Sara???  Does the old adage, ‘”you are what you eat” apply to design? Are you The Brand or is the Brand You?

The point I’m trying to make is how do we stay true to ourselves but appeal to our market in the process. I think Sara has morphed very successfully into her brand, grown up if you will, less self -indulgent perhaps.

Sara is a unique sensitive, free thinking designer who finds herself most comfortable amongst the colours and clarity of India. She is strongly influenced by external sources being badly affected by negativity and injustices, which could easily break her spirit, and on the other hand, fuelled by positive thinking, love and peace. She’s a self confessed Hippy!

IMG_0734 (3)


Book and Cover spring to mind, by ‘Chapter 20’ you’ll realize she’s a businesswoman through and through!

She has developed headpieces which allow affluent ladies of style to take a little risk, inspired by Sara’s blatant individuality perhaps. Several points appeal

  • They are unique; each one is designed by Sara. Ladies will never see their creation on another’s head. A massive selling point. We all know, “nothing is quite so awful as meeting your self coming back’, as my mother used to say.IMG_0752


  •  They use hand picked and recycled fabrics. Each hat has a story to tell and if you ask, Sara will lovingly tell you the origins of your design. Every one is personal with its own history IMG_0756
  • The price point is perfect, enough to make you feel special but also to allow you the guilty pleasure of occasionally buying two. Infact, one is often never enough.
  • They are quirky but conformist, and that, for me, is where Sara has conquered her market. Traditional tweed at equestrian events is de rigeur. But why not mix the tweed and boot with a little jaunty fun and feather, a little slice of attitude, almost a little piece of girl power,? Why??….because we can!IMG_0645

I can tell a Sara Tiara at 10 paces. How can we do this when each piece is unique? Style! Sara’s style.  A true designer with her own twist that depicts her brand. So we are back to where we started, the chicken and egg conundrum, which came first, Sara or her Brand?

heart pigs

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Rogue Traders

Cheltenham Challenges
I recently had the good fortune to be accepted as an exhibitor in the prestigious Festival Mall at Cheltenham Gold Cup Race Festival.
IMG_0340If, like me, you enjoy people watching, this is probably one of the best places to spend your working day. An observational office par excellence!
An atmosphere of conviviality amongst the traders was soon established as the wealthy race goers made it obvious that they had plenty of exquisite handmade luxury items on their shopping list.
And this was apparent even before the first race was won!

I enjoy the relationship that is established between traders, good or bad, and it really does show human nature at its finest.
Read into that what you will but some traders remain friends
IMG_0233and meeting them again at future venues becomes a pleasure, where as some…..well you just don’t!!!!!

Human nature, now that is an entire years supply of blogs, but for this little epistle let’s combine the heady mix of alcohol and gambling. Heady mix indeed!
The cross section of people at the races is astounding. We all know there will be punters among the crowd betting there last shilling on the nose of some chosen runner. So much is depending on its success or more likely its failure, some of these race-goers caught in the grip of a pitiful gambling addiction, this time it’ll come in…this time… So many thousands of people must have an untold story of how the next win is going to solve everything. Mix that with a few pints of the black stuff and you have something akin to a  Molotov Cocktail waiting for its wick to be lit.

St Patrick's Thursday at the 2013 Cheltenham Festival-1763349

The Guinness Stand was bulging throughout the week, it was really a little self -contained village to enable the precipitation of the lethal combination of booze and dreams and adrenaline. It was almost a Roman Amphitheater fashioned from the under belly of the stands with a live Irish band and bars brimming with a “few scoops” an expression often used to describe a couple of pints of the Irish Stout. And of course the ubiquitous Tote.
As each day progressed towards early evening, the Guinness stand took on a burping roll. Every so often a Mr. Murphy or Mr. Kelly or O’Connor was ejected or self- propelled (did he fall or was he pushed….)from said Lions’ Den into the arms of a ‘visivested’ officer of the law. I swear there was actually a sunken trampoline by the entrance gate that projected the said gentlemen straight into the back of a police wagon….

‘Twas around that sort of the time of the afternoon when a curious incidence occurred in The Festival Mall.
IMG_0277My gentleman neighbour Jonny Beardsall maker of fine fur hats noticed that the £1800 hand made Ocelot had been snatched. Another trader tore over simultaneously to report that a gentleman had just pranced out of the marquee wearing something very similar to Jonny’s fine creation. Jonny leapt into action to pursue the rogue. Meanwhile we ladies decided that one of the officers at the guinness gate should be purloined and brought in on the treacherous act.
IMG_0263Two burly (quite young and handsome actually- yes I have reached the age where police officers are all young enough to be one of my sons!!!!) bounded up the stairs, notebooks and pens at the ready. Jonny, poor dejected Jonny returned saying it was like looking for a needle in a haystack or almost as impossible as picking the winner in the 4.15!!!
But never fear Clare and Claire are here. My other starboard (or is it port, wrong sport frankly) neighbour and I decided to hang around outside to see if said ‘Ocelot’ made itself visible………”OMG! There it is…”   Spotted!!! and underneath it was a be suited gentleman, shall we say, tacking against the wind and managing to defy gravity and the indignity of a faceplant by a hair’s breath.
“Stop Thief!” Can you believe I actually said that…..well I did,  simultaneously leaping down the stairs like a gazelle and doffing the gentleman’s hat for him into my waiting arms. Other arms were waiting for him however and he too was bounced into said police wagon.
IMG_0333Oscar, the Ocelot was saved and restored to his noble position atop his wooden hat stand, peace and calm was restored and no one actually ever knew who won the 4.15pm at Cheltenham.

pretty pig

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The Use Of Youth

The Use Of Youth

grandma pigThis may be a little controversial, but, I have found a use for today’s youth.  Errant teenagers now have their official space in Clare’s Society. That of helping fossils like myself, with techi challenges.pretty pig

I’m lucky enough to travel around our beautiful isle to various events to show off my luxury innovative mobile picnic hampers, The Gourmet Trotters. Usually, I’m one of those people who like to catch a plane and suffer sun burn and mosi bites and dodgy tummies before I really think I’ve had a holiday. But now I am discovering countless new unconquered territories according to the Clare Manual of Lovely Britain.  Don’t get me wrong, attending and setting up shows on my own is jolly hard and physical work.  So it’s even more important for me to find a pleasant place in which to lay my head and rest my weary bones in the evenings.pond 2

Whenever possible I search for a small remote B&B set within a picturesque village of which there are hundreds, often with chickens in the garden (cockerels are optional and best avoided due to dawn choruses) ready to supply my patron with freshly laid eggs for my brekkie. They score even more highly on the Clare Chart if they are a mere stone’s throw from the village green (with pond and ducks!!) and the ubiquitous country pub.  Having had a hearty breakfast I usually manage through to the evening dreaming of my Big Boy supper ready to be conquered by a roaring fire. Reference to fires implies correctly that I am writing this during a particularly cold snap!! In fact it’s snowing!

The Royal Oak, The Kings Head, The Duke and The White Horse are familiar British names which conquer up the image of a pint and a pie, or in my case, a steaming game casserole with a hearty mash followed by a crumble ( with custard, obviously)008

It was at such venue The Bear, as it happens, that I encountered all this.  I did however, encounter another more serious problem.  I had just received some amazing news about the business and being away needed to share it with a few friends and family but on arrival to the pub, having chosen my supper and wriggled into the cushions I pulled out my phone to discover….NO SIGNAL.  The walls in the pub and the timbers were so thick they would have kept out every sound wave on the planet (or whatever it is that makes my phone work, could be magic dust as far as I know)

Unaccustomed as I am to chatting to young handsome men…..such was my need that an unsuspecting barman was cornered…..Help! Quickly! Me! (to use the immortal words of Piglet) He had one word as a reply ‘iCloud’…. I what, I didn’t, it wasn’t me followed by’ eye’ glaze was my educated reply. I pushed the phone towards him…..’could you ,please??’   No problem was his reply and in less than a minute of frantic thumb scurrying, I was up in the clouds ready to share my news with nearest and dearest.eye

Thumb scurrying….where do they learn it?? Isnt it the dexterity of our thumbs and fore fingers which separates us from other primates… Are the generation of today born with this skill? Are they on a higher plateau than their parents in the race of evolution?  How do you text with thumbs?????It’s a teenager thing !!! My index fingers are still my main form of communication and they do very nicely thank you very much, despite the arthritic joints.guy texting

I have to say that the barman certainly proved his ‘youth use’ that evening. As I said to him, his spontaneous act of generosity was today’s version of ‘helping a little old lady across the road’.  Whereas the scouts used to claim their ‘Bob a Job’ for such heroics acts of helping ladies carry their shopping home, without bumping them on the head and making off with their purse and pension, so this young gentleman received a couple of Bob, in fact due to inflation, it was a couple of quid for this techy aid. Thank you, Miles!!!!




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